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How to Spot a Real From a Fake Poker Site

Over the years, card games have evoked the interest of gamers (first-timers and experts). Especially when the games involved strategies, gambling, luck and special skills such as poker, playing them would be overwhelming. Poker variants, in particular, involve bets that are an intrinsic part of the plays.  Since poker itself is daunting (especially for a novice), learning the rules and regulations is not enough. Players should be able to learn facial gesture manipulation and develop smart and explosive techniques that can help them win the pot.

Poker players, on another hand, should also be aware of searching for poker sites and rooms since not all places are authentic. Scams and frauds are everywhere, and they are most notorious online. When players are not careful enough, their investments could turn into a money pit – they might suffer from depression eventually. Whatever your reason is for playing poker, being in an authentic online room is imperative. 

Here are some traits to look for in searching for a situs poker terpercaya . Regardless if you pay through virtual currency or not, it’s absolutely smart to visit trustworthy places.

High Traffic

Poker is not similar to blackjack or any other single-player games. The websites of pokers should have steady and effective player base to keep every table full. Consider checking out sites that have thousands of active players, have signs of Internet security and are often referred by friends, family members and as well as professional poker players. Not only is traffic vital for games to run, but it also signifies popularity – after all, players would check out places where there are competitors.


Does the site provide international tournaments? Most legit sites do, so you’ll have an idea of how big they are, and how committed the developers are in presenting authentic games. Guaranteed and legal tournaments are the best way to proliferate money for pros and even newbies, or even an extended entertainment for people who play for recreation purpose.

Banking Options

Renowned and trustworthy sites offer flexible payment options. They also keep the fees to a minimum, and they process the payments fast. More importantly, they make sure that all players are paid right.

Great Promotions and Offers

For the most part, new players are given a bonus that will encourage them to invest and play more games. It’s recommended to search for sites that can provide daily bonus and awards (even to a minimum), to keep bankroll flowing with cash. Finally, the best poker websites feature VIP programs suitable for players who have earned a lot of winnings.

Software Compatibility

This includes not only the desktop versions but also mobile versions for people who prefer to work on their tablets or phones. Since desktop computers cannot be carried everywhere, mobile phones are ideal for use. Should the websites provide limited access, consider searching for noteworthy candidates that can provide better and quality customer service.


It is important that the poker sites have license, well-regulated and have a software thoroughly tested for equality and fairness. There should be tutorials and other free services which every player can access and try out. A customer service representative should be available 24/7, so developers could keep in touch and monitor the concerns of some players.

Less Scandalous

When the websites have a poor reputation and bad records, this clearly signifies that they’re not worthy of your interest. Legitimate websites have fewer or no disputes with their clients since they strive to develop a fun, smooth and entertaining game for everyone.

Searching for the most judi poker online terpercaya or reliable sites could be a difficult assignment. It involves in-depth Google search, and maybe some patience until you discover a site you feel comfortable visiting with for a long time. Should you decide to play poker online, demonstrate your real ability and be very strategic. Play nice! Have fun!