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Third-party validation services: How to protect your online business

Internet today is a dangerous place, since everyone understands it perfectly. So how do you protect your company from fraudulent transactions and identity theft? Third-party verification services offer you the opportunity to do this and more.

Many websites discover that they cannot win the trust of customers because they lack the “trust in the website” factor.

Most people turn to third-party stamps as a way to verify the website when they visit it. Website verification is considered a credible signal, as more and more fraudulent and fraudulent transactions invade the online market in the current scenario. Seal of Trust fills trust, satisfaction and trust among users and sellers of the web. This allows website visitors to generously disclose personal data without any doubt that the data can be used illegally.

It is imperative that organizations are online today. If your company cannot process transactions online, customers are likely to go elsewhere. Initially, an organization could use CAPTCHA processing to help stop using bots on the Internet to process transactions. A bot cannot understand these numbers and / or words just read, no matter how intelligent they are.

For a while, this worked well.

Today, however, hackers and spammers have overcome this process, and newer and more complex processes are needed. This is where third party verification would be helpful. Through this type of security process, a company uses another software service 먹튀 that sends text messages or makes a phone call to the person making the order or requesting services.

A special code will be included in this text or phone call, which must be entered on the site before continuing with the process, either to place an order or request a new credit card. This gives you the opportunity to automatically verify the identity of the person, as a phone call or text message is sent to the phone number of the specified person.

The use of this type of service has allowed many large organizations to save thousands of dollars in lost sales. If you think about what happens when you place an order, you can easily imagine how many products and services were provided to fraudulent customers, mainly for free. And I speak for free, because ultimately the money that was supposed to go to the business will not be sent.

When a person’s identity is stolen or someone uses their credit card without permission, the credit card holder can challenge the accusations. When this happens, no payment is made to the company. Once it was found that the transaction was fraudulent, the money disappeared forever … and also the products and / or services.

There are many ways in which an organization can use third-party verification services to protect its business online or even offline. If you confirm that the person who made the purchase is the person indicated on the credit card or on the order form, you will see that you have fewer losses associated with this type of action.

In conclusion

Website review corporations in general have several crucial factors on the basis of which they verify the website. Areas where more emphasis is placed on legitimacy, security and products. Website Trust Seal resolves the legitimate problems of web users and restores faith and trust in a particular website.