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Learn to Play Online Baccarat: An Easy Guide for New Online Players

Did you know that James bond is an avid baccarat player?

Baccarat, (pronounced as “bah-cah-rah”) is a game where everyone can play and to have fun. That’s why even the most popular celebrity like James Bond became an avid baccarat player. Because playing baccarat you don’t need to spend hours in order for you to win. It is fun, exciting, and thrilling and surely you’ll keep coming back for more.

But just like any other games out there, in order to play this correctly, you must understand first the basic of baccarat. As you keep on reading, you’ll understand the basic rules and payouts of the game. So, when the time has come for your next บาคาร่า session, you’ll come prepared and ready to face the battle as a winner.

Online Baccarat: The Basic

Once you have found the right online casino to play baccarat, you need to place a bet. There are three types of bet you can make in baccarat: the Player, the Banker, and Tie. Once you’ve made a bet, you are not allowed to have another bet or change it.

During the game session, cards will be distributed facedown by the dealer. The result of the cards will be provided according to a set of rules together with the results of the banker and player’s card. Cards value will be shown in the table and values will be compared against each other.

Cards like Jack, Queen, and King which has a face value of 10 will be considered as zero in baccarat. Aces which has a face value of 1 and all the other cards has the same value as their face value in baccarat. If the total value of the cards is 10 or more, the left digit will be removed. For example, if the total value is 16, then the new value will be 6.

To make the game more exciting, a third card is allowed. So if the player’s hand has a total of 6 value, she or he has the right to stand or wish to add a card. If two cards have the same value of 5, the result will be a draw. But if the banker card is 6, then a third card will be provided as long as the player’s third card is equivalent to 6 or 7.

Learning these values plays an important role in the game, usually, after a few rounds, you will have them memorized. But if it is too much for you to handle, you can jot them down or bookmarked this guide on your browser.

Online Baccarat: Are You a Winner or a Loser?

You need to make a bet before the dealer dealt the cards. The prize will be given after the results have been tallied, and the cards with the highest value are the winner. If both banker and players have the same value, then the game is a tie.

If the banker bet wins, it’ll deduct a 5% commission to the total payout. When it comes to winning, a tie bet holds the biggest jackpots. If you won a tie bet, you’ll automatically get an 8-1 payout. For example, a $50 wager can give you $400 payout. But it is not recommended to put your wager on the tie bet, because winning a tie is super rare.