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Cheapest Offshore Hosting From Better Service Provider

Offshore hosting is nothing but allowing those sites that are banned or declared as illegal in any country to be displayed in that respective countries, and many use it for having communication with global company. There are types of hosting in which you can choose for your site, the VPS hosting is nothing but it is a combined usage of shared hosting and dedicated servers, so before knowing about it you must know about the shared and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is you will be sharing the resources in physical server for making your website present in online. In dedicated server hosting you may have full control over the server. And now coming to VPS hosting it is use of one single physical server that is split into various virtual servers while offering guaranteed RAM and CPU.

It will be difficult for you to find the service provider who provides these hosting services at affordable rate without costing you much just to earn profit. TO help you out in this we have done the research on behalf of you and found the better provider i.e. Curacao web hosting company. They are famous for providing the cheaper VPS hosting services for the customers who are in search of a perfect private location to host their data.

Best VPS Server With Higher Privacy

The reason for which they provide such cheaper service is they own the VPS server which is built by them on huge redundant hardware pool, whereas the use of multiple hypervisors makes sure that your site data is always online without the need of situation like network down time. This is avoided as they designed the system such that if one unit fails the next takes over the control without the need for any manual intervention. Thus Offshore VPS from them helps you not worry about your data going offline while not losing your valuable customers across the globe. They use giant raid type system for backing up the VPS servers whereas they are backed up to SAN storage and this is replicated in all other hypervisors.

Their servers are located in Dutch colony off the coast of Venezuela/South America to provide ultimate connectivity whereas Curacao is benefited by the strict privacy laws and the connectivity is done via Internal and LEVEL at Nap of the America. The reason for incorporating the server here is the privacy they offer in Dutch Colony. The laws in Europe and US change frequently and that is the reason for building the server in Curacao. There is much less probability for interfering with your business if it is hosted with the Curacao and you can also avoid worrying about exposing your data to hackers.